Sucess Stories

Sheila More :

Sheila has faced the struggles in life from her early childhood . Life was not easy for her as other children of her age enjoy. Sheila resides in a small village Mangrul of District Khargone MP . In her family , she is having three sisters and two bothers . Her father was an irresponsible person who never understood his family responsibilities . He just roams around in village without any work to do . Even after persuasion from their relatives Sheila’s father got no change in his behavior . As her father do not works , sheila’s mother has to work to feed the mouth of the family . Her mother sells vegetables in the near by villages and earn money . But whatever she earns is hardly enough for the family to have two times meal .

Sheila although managed to complete her 12th class education by her grand parents support and then left the studies. Although her mother encouraged her for further studies but after hearing the fees of various graduate courses Sheila decided to not to study further and help her mother in earning wages for the family.

Sheila was a hard worker and always motivates her mother that their time will change and they will also lead a good life. She worked with her mother for sometime and then she decided to get a good job at some good salary. She went to some places but has to face disappointments’ as most of the good job requires specific skill set which she was lacking .

Sheila was felt with extreme disappointment and is losing hope. Then one day she came to know about a free job oriented course through her school friend which is going to get initiated in their near by city by Manthan Gramin Evam SAmaj Sewa Samiti in association with Govt. of India. Sheila thought it was an opportunity given to her by god and quickly rushed to the center to know about the course. At center she is counseled by experts where they took her interview and she enrolled in the course Accountancy and Bookkeeping. She is very happy to join the course and started coming to classes regularly. She was very punctual and learns all the lessons with dedication. But one thing that she was lacking in was hesitation when talking infront of others but the Manthan’s Personality Enhancement Programme(MPEP) regular classes, support and encouragement from her faculty members removed her hesitation and she was daily called for presentations. Soon her hesitation went away and she started communicating to others in a very easy manner.

Three months went away and Sheila completed the course with good grades. She found herself very confident at the end of her course.

As her job interest area was teaching so we found out some teaching job opportunities for her. After giving a couple of interviews she got selected at ISECT computers classes for teaching basic computers tally and accountancy on a salary of Rs. 3000.

She is very happy after getting her first job and says – "I have got so frustrated when I was getting rejected for all jobs. I was laking in desired skill sets, I wanted to help my mother but was not getting any direction". Thanks to Manthan and their faculty who made me capable for this job. Now I support my mother financially and whenever I get time I also teach her computer at home. My younger brothers and sisters also want to learn computer. Soon I m looking to purchase one computer on installments so that I can better help my siblings in gaining knowledge and education.

Santosh rawal:-

Life donot come so easy for people like santosh Santosh hails from a small village Badgoan of District Khargone MP.

Santosh was being brought up in a joint family where his father was a small laborer and about 15 family member were dependent on his father’s mere income , santosh has 3 sisters and one brother along with that Santosh father has to feed his 2 uncle’s families as his uncles do not work and spend their time in roaming and gambling. Due to this poor economic condition they were not able to gets two times meal then what’s the question of Educating children ,so santosh’s family would only manage to educate him upto 12th class only and Santosh dropped his education .

Santosh being elder of the family realizes his resposibillity to support his father in handling family’s burden but was not getting any direction. This felt him with extreme guilt and he often remains frustrating . One day he came to know about a information center that is being set up in their near by village by creating awareness about various Govt. helping schemes. Santosh after hearing this quickly went up to the center positively thinking, if any Govt. scheme could help him and his family .

The center was being named as Manthan Suchna Kendra . When Santosh went upto the center one gentle man called as Mr. Vijay(MSK Executive) counseled him about various helping schemes of Govt. santosh being impressed by his humble and cordeal behavior shared his problem and asked him if there is any schemes of govt. which could help him getting a job analyzing his need .

The MSK told him about SGSY Scheme and how he can get benefit by the scheme through training and placement of his choice. Santosh quickly understood the scheme and decided to enroll himself in the A/C & Book Keeping course. Santosh started coming to the classes with great zeal. He was very much regular in the classes and quickly gained all the concepts . The soft skills , MPEP Classes & motivating lectures by manthan faculty encouraged him to face the life’s challenges with courage. He thus do not get’s frustrated easily on simple problems but handles them with patience and courage.

Santosh due to his dedication and perseverance completed the course with good grades. Due to his ability , skill and ability to face challenges with patience he learned in Manthan’s Personality Enhancement classes got placed in Samsung company as Computer and Accounts operator on a salary of Rs. 3000. Soon after completion of his course. His immediate boss is very happy with his performance and behavior and says – "Santosh not only works well but is also animportant employee as he regularly motivates our working team about facing challenges in a very effective manner it seems he has received a great training at Manthan".

Santosh is now also a helping hand to his father and due to Santosh ‘s job his family income has increased considerably. After watching Santosh’s success his two uncles were also looking for a job oriented course at Manthan so that they can also earn and support their families.

Gopal Verma

Gopal belongs to a village mangrul of Dist. Khargone . He is having two younger sisters ,his father is a marginalized farmer who is having mere fen acres of land and his mother is a housewife & helps his father in farming . Gopal being the eldest son of family never realized his responsibilities , he was always man of his heart and roams & wonders in village with his unemployed friends and waste his time. His father and mother always scolds him about his this type of careless behavior but he pays no ear to whatever they say. This father always worried that one big problem of family is poverty and son who is the hope of family has also become so irresponsible what will be the future . Being fed up of his son’s behavior ,gopal’s father thought spending money or his father education is a waste and dropped him out of school after 12th . Gopal’s father always talks about his son’s careless behavior to one of his closest friend who is also the sarpanch of the village.

One day our MSK executive went in to the village about the promotion of SGSY Schemes and meet with the sarpanch who is close friend of Gopal’s father. After listening to the job oriented scheme e sarpach contacted with gopal’s father and asked him to enroll gopal in the near by MANTHAN Training Center.

Gopal father immediately took him to the near by center where they get further consoled about the course . At first gopal was reluctant to join the course but after personal counseling from Manthan’s Executive to got agreed . His father was very happy his son has got a direction of his life. Gopal started the classes with a heavy heart and was not much attentive in the classes. Our faculty analyzed his behavior & talked to his parents about this & asked them what is the quality of gopal that is being liked by his friends & others ,His father told he talks in a pleasing and persuading manner & everybody likes this. Our faculty quickly understood this and increased the involvement of Gopal in MPEP classes and encouraged him to participate in speech giving sessions.

To the surprise of our faculty Gopal actively participated in speech & group discussion session and his speech were also very much liked by other students. The applauses & encouragement from others feet him with a new zeal & confidence and he started coming to classes with all his heart and soon become lovable & adorable personality in his batch through his effective interaction skills. Soon gopal completed the course with good grades & got placed in seed marketing company as marketing executive on the salary Rs. 5000 + other incentive. Gopal’s coworkers are very much impressed by his communication skills and often ask him to guide them on improving their communication .He has also become a lovable and adoptable personality at his workplace.

The most happy person by the Gopal’s success is his father . when contacted his says wish his eyes filled with tears”-don’t know how to thanks Manthan & the scheme which has provided a direction in life to my careless son . The 3 month training at Manthan has brought such a drastic change in his behavior which his father and mother were trying bring for years. All thanks to Manthan & their team. Gopal himself says "I have never thought I could be proved to my family . I have become confident and self independent thanks to mathan faculty and supporting cell Aarambh and Antim".