Sucess Stories

Project - 3

Special Project under SGSY for placement link skill


Name: Munna Ram
Father’s Name: Ram dhani Ram
Electrical Trainee
Manthan Jashpur Centre

Munna Ram was born in Depatoli a remote village in Jashpur district of Chhattisgarh. He has a younger brother and a younger sister who are still studying in school. Munna’s parents are very poor and don’t have proper house to stay. They live in a kutcha house and work as seasonal labourer in fields since they don’t have any land of their own. His mother too, collects wood and works in fields in order to run their family. This BPL family has seen days when they had to sleep empty stomach.

Seeing the plight of his parents, Munna dropped out from school at a very tender age. He decided to work as a labourer and support his family. He decided to work hard in order to change the standard of living of his family. He promised himself that he would educate his siblings with good education and make them successful in life unlike him. Even though the nearest school is eight kms away from home, he encourages his younger brother and sister to go to school daily and study well.

Since he had no specific job, Munna wandered along with his local friends and as we all know that “ An Empty brain is a devil house” they were indulged in all kinds of bad habits like alcoholism, smoking etc. His friends influenced him a lot.

At this point of time, MSK officials organized field mobilization program in Jashpur district. Munna learnt about this program and went for a counseling session. The MSK explained him the benefits of joining the short course. Munna was greatly relieved after the counseling session and thanked God for the opportunity to start a new and better life. He wanted to stay away from the old habits and also his old friends who wasted their lives by simply ruining their health and reputation in their village. His family too was very happy to know about the course. They happily sent him to enroll himself in the electrical training of the SGSY special project of the Govt. of India run by MGSSS in Jashpur town of Chhattisgarh.

Munna soon started attending the classes regularly. He was trained in the electrical field and the MPEP class. He preferred to be silent and shy in the initial stage as he belonged to a remote place unaware of the big wide world. He 24 always tried to dodge away in order to avoid questions from the trainers. However, his attitude changed after attending the MPEP classes. He soon began to ask questions to the trainers and also answered when the others remained silent. He was now confident and an inspiration to the other students.

As per the regular survey of MANTHAN, it was found out that he had attended all the classes without fail and his results showed that he had been brilliant among his fellow mates. This proved his commitment and dedication towards learning was true. Munna had been a cheerful student and a keen listener. He learnt from his mistakes and encouraged other class mates to work hard to be successful in life.

Today, Munna has completed his training from Manthan. His lifestyle is totally changed. He has become more serious and responsible towards life unlike before. He hates sitting idle at home and usually goes around in nearby towns doing small electric works.’’ He believes that experience will give him knowledge and knowledge would enhance his confidence level’’. He is determined to change the living condition of his family. He gives credit to Manthan for the complete turnover of his lifestyle. His siblings are now able to go to school by bus since he is able to pay the fare. Munna’s neighbors and friends are surprised by the sudden change in him and his family. His old habits have died and he respects his seniors.

Munna awaits his placement in a good company which will be done soon. His dreams have become bigger now. He has promised himself to save money to build a Puckka house and also support the studies of his siblings. Seeing his confidence level and responsible attitude his parents are overjoyed. They want him to settle down in a few years. He is ready to step into the big wide world to make a name of himself and earn respect in his society. In the mean time he is encouraging his fellow neighbors and counseling them to enroll themselves in Manthan’s training course. He feels that all his friends and the youth in his village should not waste their time take part in Manthan’s training course in order to have a better life and future.

Impossible is nothing for the mind which believes in hard work

Name: Karmu Ram Chouhan
Father’s Name: Ashat Ram Chouhan
Electrical trainee
Manthan, Pathalgaon Centre.

Karmu Ram Chouhan hails from Ruphdega, a small village 20 km away from Pathalghon. Apart from his parents, he has two elder sisters. Born in a BPL family, life had been difficult for him. His father being a seasonal farmer, made very less income and was hardly able to feed his family. Seeing the pathetic condition of the family, Karmu’ s sisters started doing odd jobs like housemaid and also as laborers in various construction sites. Soon Karmu’ s father became ill and bedridden. The family was shattered. A dejected Karmu had to drop out from school as he had no other option but to help his mom and sisters. Karmu was forced to take up the job as a laborer. The soft hands which once had books in them now carried bricks. Life was totally upside down for him. He and his sisters toiled hard to make ends meet. Having no family land, they were forced to work in fields belonging to neighbors.

Although he missed going to school, at this tender age, he had no time to even play or go around with his friends. Karmu’s parents were overburdened with the thought of getting their daughters married. Karmu was well aware of this. His situation had made him wiser and experienced at an early age.

Karmu was unable to share his problems with anybody. He believed that he was destined to live the same way and the situation of his family would remain the same. His heart melted and he was full of grief.

One day as he walked back home from work, he saw an unfamiliar person at his house. On meeting the person he came to know that the latter was as an official from Manthan and had been to their house on a awareness program.

The official counseled Karmu and explained him he could change his destiny soon. He gave him detailed information about the “placement linked training program” run by Manthan in Pathalgaon. Karmu was overwhelmed to hear about the program. The low financial condition of his family and his responsibility as a son had abstained him from studying further. His poor father could have never imagined sending him to a good school. Karmu took it as a second chance from God. He always wanted to move ahead in life. He was greatly attracted by the short duration of the course and also because it was free of cost. His sisters too encouraged him to join the Training program since it was closer to their village. They persuaded him to go ahead and stop worrying about the family for the meantime. The support from his sisters incited him to join the training program. After taking blessings from his old mother and sick dad, Karmu started a new journey of his life.

Karmu enrolled himself in the Electrical course of training program in Pathalgoan. He had a burden to learn and therefore never missed a single class. He remained calm and always concentrated on what was being taught in the class. Coming from a remote village, it made him difficult to mingle with the other students in the class. He was very shy to talk to his teachers too. Even when he knew the answer to question, he preferred to sit tight lipped in class. In the short span of time, Karmu was given proper training in electrical field. He was very disciplined and always paid full attention in the class. He made it a point to reach class before time and take advice from his teachers regarding matters concerning his studies. The MPEP classes played a vital role in his life. A complete transformation was visible in his personality. He was now confident and never ashamed to speak up in class. The once “back bencher” was now found sitting in the first row. He excelled in his class and was an inspiration to the others as well.

Soon Karmu completed his training. He came out with flying colors. He got placed instantly at a reputed company in Haryana and is paid on regular basis. Karmu’s sisters are glad that they sent him for the training program. Times have changed for the Chouhans. Karmu is now able send money to his family back in the village. His dad’s health has improved as they are able to treat him and buy medicines from the money which Karmu earns. Karmu is a no longer a boy, he is a chaged man now. He is capable of taking major decisions in life. He dreams of getting his sisters married in reputed families and also construct a better house for his parents. His reputation has increased among his villagers. He has become a living example to the poor and deprived souls in his village. His story is a motivation to the other students and staff in the Pathalgaon center.

Trilochan Dehri, Manthan Pathalgaon Centre

Name: Trilochan Dehri
Father’s Name: Ganesh Ram Dehari
Electrical Candidate
Manthan Pathalgaon Centre

Trilochan Dehri was born in Mudaghon, a small town in Raigarh district of Chhattisgarh. Hailing from a poor farmer’s family they belong to the BPL category. Trilochan had to drop out of school due to the low income of the father and being the only child of his parents he had no option but help his poor father in farming. Apart from lending his hand to his father, Trilochan worked as a laborer as well. His small and irregular income was insufficient to make any major change in their lifestyle.

In course time, he developed friendship with the local boys. On days when he had no work to do, he spent his time loitering around with them. On one such day, he happened to meet one of our MSK staff who was on field duty. MSK officials had gone to that village for a mobilization program. The MSK staff felt an inclination towards Trilochan when the former saw him sitting idle under a tree with a lost look on his face. He invited him to the camp and after formal introduction, motivated and counseled Trilochan to join the short term training program. The MSK staff’s words greatly motivated Trilochan. He felt an urge to join MANTHAN’s training program (under Swarana jayanti Gramin Swarozgar Yojna) immediately. He ran home and told his father about the placement linked skill development program. He explained to his parents that he would be placed in a reputed company after completion of his training. Being the only child, the parents were quite reluctant, however after the MSK staff visited the family, they happily agreed to send their ward for the training.

Trilochan soon joined the electrical batch of the Pathalgaon centre. He was always very curious to learn. However, his way of expressing was quite different. He was unable to ask questions since his classmates teased him quite often. This discouraged him a lot, but he was still bend on learning from his teachers. Manthan’s dedicated staff made it a point that they would change Trilochan’s personality entirely before completion of the training. They took special care and paid attention on him and soon changes could be seen in him. Trilochan now became the smartest student among his classmates. He was able to speak up and his voice had become audible too. His friends stopped calling him names and respected him as his grades had increased in class. He thanks his teachers for the complete makeover in his personality. He was always willing to come to the front and present whatever the teachers asked him to do as unlike in the initial stage.

Trilochan feels that, had he not been in the training today, he would be either loading trucks with sand or else cultivating land with his father. On reaching his village, the joy of his parents has no seen no bounds! They are pleased to see their son who is more serious towards life and confident in getting a good job now. They are waiting for his placement. His father regrets denying him the permission to join the class earlier.

Within this short period of time Trilochan has not only gained respect from his juniors and seniors in the training center but also from his friends and villagers. His friends compliment him and his village friends feel inferior when he greets them. Trilochan encourages them to join the short term course and many of them are determined to follow his footsteps. They too want to develop their self confidence and determination like Trilochan. His outspokenness and enthusiasm has attracted the attention of his villagers. They have started taking suggestion from him and he too at times goes around doing electrical works at their homes.

Trilochan’s mother dreams of getting him married once he gets placed in a reputed company. The MPEP classes truly made him an optimist and goal oriented person. As he waits for the placement, he counsels his parents that "the best is yet to come" and "better days are ahead"! He plans to buy a small piece of land in the future and build a house attached with a shop and let his ageing parents take care of it.


Name: Vikas Tigga
Father’s Name: Erinius Tigga
Electrical Trainee
Manthan Jashpur Centre

Born in Dobh, a small village in Jashpur district of Chhattisgarh, Vikas Tigga had lost hope in life. He had high hopes of studying further but due the low financial condition of his family, he dropped out after his intermediate schooling. His family consists of eight members including him. Life was hard for his father in order to support the studies of the six children. Vikas being the eldest son understood the misery of his parents. He joined hands with his father in cultivating vegetables in the small piece of land in the backyard of their poor kutcha house. However, the income from the vegetables was merely enough to provide for the basic needs of the poor family.

Soon he was very unhappy with the pathetic state of his family. He started doing odd jobs like daily laborer in construction sites etc. He started helping his family with the meager sum of money which he got. His parents were sad too because they never wanted Vikas to do such odd jobs and toil hard under the sun in such a way. At one point of time, his father fell ill . Due malnutrition the condition of his other three siblings was not that great too. Sleeping on the rice sacks (gunny bags), they would usually have cold due to the wet floor. They had to share the little food which they got and hardly ate three meals a day. At times their house would completely be wet due to the poor roof and the mud walls. The total income of the family was insufficient to buy medicines and also provide food and the school fees of the children.

Vikas was very disheartened, he was helpless. He could not find a better job in his area. Luckily one day, while going home after playing hockey in the village ground, he came across MSK mobilization camp which was going on nearby. He went there out of curiosity and saw some unfamiliar faces sitting there and talking with the village youths. After enquiring he learnt that those people were from MANTHAN and had come to spread awareness of the (Swaran jayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojna – Special Project program in the village. Vikas went and met a MSK official. After the counseling session, he felt ray of hope in him. He went home that day and though about the program. He discussed it with his mother and sister. They encouraged Vikas to join the course in order to gain some technical knowledge because they never liked to see him carrying heavy things for others as a laborer. Next 30 morning, with a new hope and blessings from his mother, Vikas went to the centre and enrolled himself in the electrical course of Manthan’s program.

Vikas was very attentive in class. Though he remained silent initially, he always paid attention to the teaching in the class. He rarely mingled with his classmates as he always feared that they would laugh at him because of his poor background and launguage. Gradually, he started interacting in class. He felt greatly motivated in (Manthan Personality Enhancement Program) MPEP where the students were given teaching on personality development, grooming etc. Vikas soon shone as a star in the class, he became the favorite of his teachers and his friends circle increased too. He now helped his friends who were academically poor in the training. He never hesitated to come up and explain. His sincere dedication and hard work was clearly visible; he became a motivation to the teachers as well. Manthan’s record suggests that he never missed a single class and was always on time for the class. Vikas is now fully capable to do all of electrical work which he learnt at the MGSSS centre.

Vikas completed his course successfully within no time and awaits his placement in the next batch of placement. His teachers believe that he would soon rise as a star wherever he would be placed. His friends and family are amazed to see such drastic change in his personality. He himself says that had he not been to the training centre, life would have been completely zero and monotonous. His outlook towards life has changed completely. He has become more optimist and definite towards his goal to become a successful man. Vikas dreams of supporting his brother and sisters financially for their studies. His parents have also decided to build a better house with the help of Vikas.

Case study of Kalpana Dalei, Baisinga centre

Kumari Kalpana Dalei father name – Srusthidhar Dalai Village-Santra, Baisinga Area, District-Mayurbhanj (A LWE District), was born on date 14.04.1995. When she was born her family was overwhelmed with joy as because she was having a black mole on her left side of face which is treated as a sign fortune & wealth. But to their imaginations it all went wrong, as time passed by everyone could feel that it wasn’t a mole which will bring fortune to them but instead it was a curse, a disease from where hairs came out and overshadowed her face. People started talking about her within the village and outside the village also. The family went to doctors but all in vain , for her operation doctors demanded 5 lakh rupees which was just next to impossible for her family. Though she had been going through a bad phase but she kept studying till intermediate. After that due to financial backdrops she couldn’t continue education. She was having a hairy face now a different look from commons but still she was confident that she can manage her life. When marriage proposals started coming for her friends not for her, her 32 confidence started to crumble. She was in unknown grief for what her life would be afterwards.

Meanwhile MANTHAN’s representative came to know about her, and so they started counselling the family and her to attend the training program for BPL youths with a 100% job guarantee assurance. She joined MANTHAN at Baisinga Branch and continued her training with dedication and punctuality. She came with vibrant colours at the training sessions and proved that she is right for the job.

After training sessions she got placed in Shahi Exports Pvt Ltd as Sewing Machine Opearator at Banglore with a monthly salary of Rs.5353/- with other statutory benefits. Now she is drawing around Rs.6000/- with other statutory benefits.

When asked why she joined the job? She said,” as society has ignored me to provide a life partner for rest of my life, i need to sustain myself in this world, MANTHAN show me the way to be self sustained by offering me a free training with assured job. Out of my salary i can save few amount and after some years i can cure my face and may be then society would accept me for a marital life. She is very happy with new job and her smiling face provides us the courage to explore the heights of SGSY (SP) Program sponsored by MoRD, Govt. of India.

Case study Chudamani Patra of Karanjia Centre

Name - Chudamani Patra
C/o-Dayanidhi Patra
Vill-Mandua, Karanjia

Pre-Intervention : Chudamani Patra belongs to a very small village Mandua from karanjia tehsil Dist.Mayurbhanj of Odisha . His father is a farmer who only depends on his marginal agricultural land. She is the eldest among three sister .For a few years her relatives helped them but after seeing the family’s never changing situations they also turned their faces. Finding no other means of income her mother was forced to do household works as washing clothes and utensils. Being eldest daughter of family chudamani decided to do something for the betterment of her family. Thus, chudamani started doing some jobs here and there to support family’s income but all in vain , they continued to remain crippled by poverty. 34

Post-Intervention : One day while promoting, our MANTHAN executive visited their family and counseled her about the Free training programs for BPL Youths under SGSY (SP) NRLM Scheme sponsored by MoRD , India. She was informed about free SMO (Sewing Machine Operator) courses that is being initiated in their village by MANTHAN Gramin Evam Samaj Sewa Samiti in association with govt. of India where they will be taught to sew readymade garments and once they will learn they will be placed as Sewing Machine operator in the Garment Manufacturing Units outside Odisha. But due to her illiteracy and lack of confidence she had a fear in her heart that she won’t be able to adjust in urban corporate atmosphere. But after attending the training sessions and personality development classes, at Karanjia Centre of MANTHAN she could find herself very confident for the job. Her hard work paid off and after completion of her course she got placed in SHAHI EXPORT Pvt ltd, Bangalore as a Sewing Machine Operator on a salary of Rs.5353/- per month with other statutory benefits. When asked how she feels now about her job? She says nothing but her tear filled eyes and a smile on her lips tells the entire story of success. She along with her family is very much thankful to MANTHAN and SGSY (SP) scheme of MoRD, India.

Conclusion : Finally thanks to MANTHAN & Govt. of India who made this possible for me and my family. Her father emotionally says about the success of her daughter, ”Who said girls can’t support family, look at my daughter now she has become a son to support family and her sisters. Govt. should promote these programs via organizations like MANTHAN.

Case study DIBYAJYOTI MOHANTA, Betanati Centre, Mayurbhanj,

Odisha This is a short story about Dibyajyoti Mohanta , a women who was struggling for her livelihood and self respect in a small village of Barabadia , Block-Betanati, Dist-Mayurbhanj , A LWE District in Northen part of state Odisha.

Dibyajyoti was the only daughter of Satish Mohanta. Though they were a BPL family but she had been educated to 10th Standard in their local Govt .School. In the village areas specially under developed, a girl child had to marry at an early age so it happened to Dibyajyoti also. She was married happily until her life took an U turn after her husband left her with her parents denying to accept her as her wife. Again she had to return to her father’s place without any choice. When she returned she came to know that she is going to be a mother soon. Left with no other options she had to live with her parents like any other village girls. The days went by and two years passed in between she had became a mother of a cute little baby girl and meanwhile her father also left them alone as bcoz he does not wanted to carry their burden. Left with no choices her mother took 36 the charge to feed the family but as we all know for a aged lady to work and feed people of a family is really a tough business. So, her mother had to work as a daily labourer to feed them. When there was work they used to feed & when there was no work it was really hard without food. On those days they had to sleep with empty stomachs filled with water only. The days were getting tougher and tougher to pass.

In the meanwhile MANTHAN SGSY SP project was in full swing in that area. So after finding all the details from the officials of MANTHAN Betanati Branch, Mayurbhanj District of Odisha, she was interested to take up the free training provided from Ministry of Rural Development via MANTHAN.

When all her hopes had gone up finally she got an anchorage through MANTHAN to build her dreams again for her family and daughter. The 1st day of training provided enough confidence to her so that she can gather the courage to start her journey for the new world she dreamt of. She proved again and again in the training sessions and finally topped the Batch. Then it was time for the placement, she had to take a tough decision choosing a life without her mother and daughter just bcoz to feed them a full meal and a secured future. She got a permanent job in the placement program coordinated by MANTHAN and SHAHI EXPORTS Pvt. Ltd, Banglore as Sewing Machine Operator in the month of July with a salary of Rs.5153 excluding other facilities like EPF, ESI etc. Then came the time to prove her talent, again she did it within two months of her joining. She was promoted to Team Lead category with an increased salary of Rs.8000 excluding other facilities like EPF , ESI, etc.

Though she had a taken a tough decision but it really shows 37 her courage and potential to lead from the front as a whistle blower to all those beneficiaries associated with us. TEAM MANTHAN salutes Dibyajyoti for her will power and dedication. Keep the hardwork.

Project - 1

Sheila More :

Sheila has faced the struggles in life from her early childhood . Life was not easy for her as other children of her age enjoy. Sheila resides in a small village Mangrul of District Khargone MP . In her family , she is having three sisters and two bothers . Her father was an irresponsible person who never understood his family responsibilities . He just roams around in village without any work to do . Even after persuasion from their relatives Sheila’s father got no change in his behavior . As her father do not works , sheila’s mother has to work to feed the mouth of the family . Her mother sells vegetables in the near by villages and earn money . But whatever she earns is hardly enough for the family to have two times meal .

Sheila although managed to complete her 12th class education by her grand parents support and then left the studies. Although her mother encouraged her for further studies but after hearing the fees of various graduate courses Sheila decided to not to study further and help her mother in earning wages for the family.

Sheila was a hard worker and always motivates her mother that their time will change and they will also lead a good life. She worked with her mother for sometime and then she decided to get a good job at some good salary. She went to some places but has to face disappointments’ as most of the good job requires specific skill set which she was lacking .

Sheila was felt with extreme disappointment and is losing hope. Then one day she came to know about a free job oriented course through her school friend which is going to get initiated in their near by city by Manthan Gramin Evam SAmaj Sewa Samiti in association with Govt. of India. Sheila thought it was an opportunity given to her by god and quickly rushed to the center to know about the course. At center she is counseled by experts where they took her interview and she enrolled in the course Accountancy and Bookkeeping. She is very happy to join the course and started coming to classes regularly. She was very punctual and learns all the lessons with dedication. But one thing that she was lacking in was hesitation when talking infront of others but the Manthan’s Personality Enhancement Programme(MPEP) regular classes, support and encouragement from her faculty members removed her hesitation and she was daily called for presentations. Soon her hesitation went away and she started communicating to others in a very easy manner.

Three months went away and Sheila completed the course with good grades. She found herself very confident at the end of her course.

As her job interest area was teaching so we found out some teaching job opportunities for her. After giving a couple of interviews she got selected at ISECT computers classes for teaching basic computers tally and accountancy on a salary of Rs. 3000.

She is very happy after getting her first job and says – "I have got so frustrated when I was getting rejected for all jobs. I was laking in desired skill sets, I wanted to help my mother but was not getting any direction". Thanks to Manthan and their faculty who made me capable for this job. Now I support my mother financially and whenever I get time I also teach her computer at home. My younger brothers and sisters also want to learn computer. Soon I m looking to purchase one computer on installments so that I can better help my siblings in gaining knowledge and education.

Santosh rawal:-

Life donot come so easy for people like santosh Santosh hails from a small village Badgoan of District Khargone MP.

Santosh was being brought up in a joint family where his father was a small laborer and about 15 family member were dependent on his father’s mere income , santosh has 3 sisters and one brother along with that Santosh father has to feed his 2 uncle’s families as his uncles do not work and spend their time in roaming and gambling. Due to this poor economic condition they were not able to gets two times meal then what’s the question of Educating children ,so santosh’s family would only manage to educate him upto 12th class only and Santosh dropped his education .

Santosh being elder of the family realizes his resposibillity to support his father in handling family’s burden but was not getting any direction. This felt him with extreme guilt and he often remains frustrating . One day he came to know about a information center that is being set up in their near by village by creating awareness about various Govt. helping schemes. Santosh after hearing this quickly went up to the center positively thinking, if any Govt. scheme could help him and his family .

The center was being named as Manthan Suchna Kendra . When Santosh went upto the center one gentle man called as Mr. Vijay(MSK Executive) counseled him about various helping schemes of Govt. santosh being impressed by his humble and cordeal behavior shared his problem and asked him if there is any schemes of govt. which could help him getting a job analyzing his need .

The MSK told him about SGSY Scheme and how he can get benefit by the scheme through training and placement of his choice. Santosh quickly understood the scheme and decided to enroll himself in the A/C & Book Keeping course. Santosh started coming to the classes with great zeal. He was very much regular in the classes and quickly gained all the concepts . The soft skills , MPEP Classes & motivating lectures by manthan faculty encouraged him to face the life’s challenges with courage. He thus do not get’s frustrated easily on simple problems but handles them with patience and courage.

Santosh due to his dedication and perseverance completed the course with good grades. Due to his ability , skill and ability to face challenges with patience he learned in Manthan’s Personality Enhancement classes got placed in Samsung company as Computer and Accounts operator on a salary of Rs. 3000. Soon after completion of his course. His immediate boss is very happy with his performance and behavior and says – "Santosh not only works well but is also animportant employee as he regularly motivates our working team about facing challenges in a very effective manner it seems he has received a great training at Manthan".

Santosh is now also a helping hand to his father and due to Santosh ‘s job his family income has increased considerably. After watching Santosh’s success his two uncles were also looking for a job oriented course at Manthan so that they can also earn and support their families.

Gopal Verma

Gopal belongs to a village mangrul of Dist. Khargone . He is having two younger sisters ,his father is a marginalized farmer who is having mere fen acres of land and his mother is a housewife & helps his father in farming . Gopal being the eldest son of family never realized his responsibilities , he was always man of his heart and roams & wonders in village with his unemployed friends and waste his time. His father and mother always scolds him about his this type of careless behavior but he pays no ear to whatever they say. This father always worried that one big problem of family is poverty and son who is the hope of family has also become so irresponsible what will be the future . Being fed up of his son’s behavior ,gopal’s father thought spending money or his father education is a waste and dropped him out of school after 12th . Gopal’s father always talks about his son’s careless behavior to one of his closest friend who is also the sarpanch of the village.

One day our MSK executive went in to the village about the promotion of SGSY Schemes and meet with the sarpanch who is close friend of Gopal’s father. After listening to the job oriented scheme e sarpach contacted with gopal’s father and asked him to enroll gopal in the near by MANTHAN Training Center.

Gopal father immediately took him to the near by center where they get further consoled about the course . At first gopal was reluctant to join the course but after personal counseling from Manthan’s Executive to got agreed . His father was very happy his son has got a direction of his life. Gopal started the classes with a heavy heart and was not much attentive in the classes. Our faculty analyzed his behavior & talked to his parents about this & asked them what is the quality of gopal that is being liked by his friends & others ,His father told he talks in a pleasing and persuading manner & everybody likes this. Our faculty quickly understood this and increased the involvement of Gopal in MPEP classes and encouraged him to participate in speech giving sessions.

To the surprise of our faculty Gopal actively participated in speech & group discussion session and his speech were also very much liked by other students. The applauses & encouragement from others feet him with a new zeal & confidence and he started coming to classes with all his heart and soon become lovable & adorable personality in his batch through his effective interaction skills. Soon gopal completed the course with good grades & got placed in seed marketing company as marketing executive on the salary Rs. 5000 + other incentive. Gopal’s coworkers are very much impressed by his communication skills and often ask him to guide them on improving their communication .He has also become a lovable and adoptable personality at his workplace.

The most happy person by the Gopal’s success is his father . when contacted his says wish his eyes filled with tears”-don’t know how to thanks Manthan & the scheme which has provided a direction in life to my careless son . The 3 month training at Manthan has brought such a drastic change in his behavior which his father and mother were trying bring for years. All thanks to Manthan & their team. Gopal himself says "I have never thought I could be proved to my family . I have become confident and self independent thanks to mathan faculty and supporting cell Aarambh and Antim".