SGSY Objectives

The objectives of this special projects would be to ensure a time bound programme for bringing a specific number of below poverty line(BPL) families above the poverty line through integerated approach.The implementation of the project may involve different strategies to provide long term sustainable opportunities in terms of rural poor and combination of various strategies like provision of support infrastructure,technology,marketing,training and so on.

The salient feature of this project will be as follow

  • Training and capacity building of the rural youths for identified categories and generate the awareness of the programme through wide publicity so that active participation can be ensured.
  • The selections of beneficiaries from the mass pool of rural youth is utmost important to make this programme a great success.
  • Training components includes the personality development through inculcating soft skills.
  • Identified the jobs which correlates with the training imparted.
  • Maintaining the track records of the placed rural youths with bare minimum period of months so that problems with employer or other odds can be surfaced out.
  • Exploring the further new opportunities in the Industries through keeping close eyes on the market so that weed out can be accommodated.
  • Maintain the data of these youth through well designed website which incorporate the individual details The training imparted to these youths should be certified by known certifying agencies

PIA role under special SGSY project

  • Enterprenurship development of rural BPL youth through intensive and fruitful training for specified period.
  • Identified trades for training in accordance with the industries.
  • Identified trades which have potential and strength to generate the wage employment viz., electrician,fitter,automobile repairing and so on.
  • Sharpen the skills of the beneficiaries for the identified trades while imparting training
  • The successful placement of the beneficiaries and keeping their track record for successful settelement

The success of our program can be attributed to

  • Holistic approach for enterprenursip development
  • Detailed planning and coordination
  • Intensive training to the beneficiaries
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the programme on time to time basis
  • Enriched experience of the skill development programme
  • High level commitment of our team and management committee of the organisation

Modalities of Special Project under SGSY(Ministry of rural development GOI)

This special conditions under the poverty alleviation programmed requires the coordinated approach between different departments of the state govt. The sanctioned project under this may benefit individual district or many district.The activities under these include various activities pertaining to the development of dairy,horticulture,sericulture,lift irrigation,handlooms etc. The new innovative project those have potential to triggered the denied growth should have complete strategeis actiobn plan @ mode of objective. The misistry has made special provision of 15% funds for execution of such projects